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tomato soup and grilled cheese | Pammie's Sammies Winter Garden


Salad | Pammie's Sammies Winter Garden

Thoughtfully Sourced

Pammie’s Sammies is always working to improve the quality of our ingredients and what goes into our food. Higher quality ingredients means tastier sammies!


This also means buying local and supporting

small businesses.

Green Goodness

Earth Friendly

Pammie’s Sammies loves serving planet Earth, and we want to make sure it’s good and
healthy for years to come. That’s why we want all materials we use to be Earth Friendly and
protect our home and greatest resource.

lunch and dinner options | Pammie's Sammies Winter Garden

Tastefully Adventurous

Each time our customers come back, we want to offer them a taste of something new and
different. We are always on the hunt for new twists on old favorites.

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